Top 10 Reason to Visit Bangladesh !!!

HOW ABOUT A TRIP TO (1)COX’S BAZAR, the longest sea beach? or say, the OLD TOWN of DHAKA where you’ll see some (2)OLD TIME NAWAB HOUSES added to that you’ll find locally modified version of (3)KITES flying all over the sky starting within a few days.

You can try some walking down the (4)’isle’ – believe me this ‘isle’ is something strange enough which is referred to the lanes between two lands prepared for cultivation.

Don’t forget to step into (5)BANGABAZAR, the cheapest source of clothing in the whole world, i can bet on that.

If you not willing to stay on a friendly couch, you always have the scope to spend your nights at the Pan Pacific, Westin, Radisson, Sheraton or Regency or some other least known but (6)”serving good” hotels.

Have you heard about the (7)”SEVEN LAYER TEA” from SYLHET? If you haven’t, then you were looking on the wrong websites for any information on Bangladesh.

If you think Amazon is an overhyped spot on earth, you are absolutely right, try (8)SUNDARBAN – the LARGEST MANGROVE FOREST is right at the south of Bangladesh.

Indians would always show their pride with Rabindra Nath Tagore but they don’t even promote the right history that the famous Nobel awarded poet used to write most of his songs or poems staying at his (9)KUTHIBARI in NATORE, BANGLADESH? He even has a picture WITH EINSTEIN here.

(10)LALON, the legend of BANGLADESHI FOLK MUSIC has a fan base of more than 1000000 people, AM NOT TALKING ABOUT FACEBOOK, it’s live. Any time of the year you may visit, you will always find his graveyard surrounded by thousands of people singing the folk songs.

Need more reasons to visit Bangladesh?