Marketing Jackass

by Riyad

What would the biggest challenge be for an aspiring marketer in the 21st century? Well to me the biggest challenge would be marketing to the generation of what we loosely call…. Jackasses!

Feeling confused, stereotyped, offended? Don’t be! The moral deterioration of future generations is inevitable. It says so in our religious scriptures; we are nothing but this humankind of constant moral dilution, slowly moving towards apocalypse! As a smart marketer, you have to stop whining and accept that fact, or else you would be a failure! This rampant generation of Jackasses is perhaps the most important segment for many consumer goods. Look at some of the top brands in the world – Levis, Axe Deodorant, Fast Track and all their ‘disciple’ competitor brand; they all target the same generation! There are video games where kids learn to beat up old people! Want a broader look into this…why not! Look at how the villain characters of the movies over the years have evolved – the deceitful third wheel in a love triangle in the 60s to mad scientists in the 80s to mafia drug lords and bank robbers in the 90s to ferocious vampires with symptoms of necrophilia that we see today.

Don’t you see a trend here? Our moral state has deteriorated over the years at such a rate that movie makers realized they have to lower the bar further more to establish the concept of ‘bad’ to new generation viewers. So be smart; accept the jackass-generation rather than denying their existence. Who knows, may be a future successful tagline for a cigarette brand can be: “Cigarette is bad, but drugs are worse! So be smart and choose slow death over fast death….choose XYZ cigarette today!” Marketing as a career doesn’t look that hot now, does it?