The other Arnob after Sahana !!!

OOPS!!! THIS IS NOT SAHANA but FARIHA KAMAL ELMA (The reason behind all those controversy…)

If you have missed the story, read it here:

Excerpt from the link:

Ornober ja kahini kalke shunlam taate bujhtesi WHAT A LIFE. I was genuinely shocked and I still am. From what I gathered he met the 16 yr old kid at some party and after giving her some suggestive signals she made her move. They started chatting..sending sms..talking on the phone and finally he started messing around with her behind Shahana’s back. Shahan found out, divorced him and left for her PhD in London. Tara duijon ekhon prokasshe prem kore berachhe. A friend of mine was actually performing at a concert alongside Ornob and he spotted him making out with that 16 yr old KID in Sheesha Lounge. Or pichoner seat-ei bosha chilo.

Shob purush rai ki fame/wealth pawar pore shobar aage bou-er shathe cheat kore with a comparatively younger woman??! Especially Bd’r gula?? Ajob. Sumon, James, Hasan…Humayun Ahmed…Habib..Allah jane aro koto ke ase…