Mugging Computers: The Dhaka Style

Rumor says, there are several new PC mugging gangs evolved in the city lately. This creative young guys would be awaiting your appearance at a busy city street. If you are traveling back home on a rickshaw alone with your PC after getting it repaired, you are bound to get hijacked unless you are one of them.

Step by Step:
1. Someone would be keenly observing your PC while it’s getting repaired. He may even ask you about the configuration and price.
2. This guy informs his partners when you are about to get out of the market
3. A rickshaw will appear right in front and accept any amount you offer
4. Right before it comes to a circle (moor), the rickshaw puller would ask you to get down because he needs to fix his steering or something
5. Some guys would approach you from nowhere and push you down to the floor as if they haven’t seen you
6. Once you get up, they will start arguing blocking your view of the rickshaw
7. Meanwhile, a new rickshaw puller from the gang has already started riding it
8. Someone else from the gang would sit on as the passenger covering the PC with a carton or something
9. By the time you are out of the argument, the rickshaw is gone
10. Oh, by the way, they would take the busy street because you would think they have fled from the empty one

NB: Even if you find your own PC, their gang will make up something and you would get beaten up as if you were the mugger. Generally, local police is also involved to the crime.

1. Gaus-e-Pak Bhaban (Motijheel) to Purana Paltan and TSC
2. Elephant Road market to shahbag and TSC
3. IDB to Mirpur 10
4. Dhanmondi Rd 9/10


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