The AL Government scandals: Mermaid Cafe

Local Awami League politician with OC of Ramu thana with a battalion of police attacked and destroyed Mermaid Eco Resort today and beat up employees of the place. The politician’s goons had been asking for toll from the resort for a long time and the owner refused to give them anything. The resort is built on privately-owned land. The room that the owner and his wife lived in was also attacked with hand-made weapons.

The owner of Mermaid Eco Resort bought the land seven years ago and it was formally opened last year. The cottages and restaurants were all built on his private land according to him but as eco-resorts go, the lake and the beach, which were part of the resort was government-owned land. The owner asked for bondobosti of the government-owned land but did not receive it yet and in the last two years he has been paying money in different amounts under threat from local politicians.

TNO Mohd Saidul Haq, AL local politician Osman Gani, Magistrate Rafiqul Islam and the NOC were involved in this.

According to the TNO, the government officials harass the businessmen there in various ways all the time. The businessmen are forced to give discounts to them and their relatives. Recently the TNO’s shashuri had stayed at Mermaid and they had charged him the full amount. TNO was livid at Mermaid’s owner and they got into a heated exchange of words.

They came and destroyed the place without any warning, with 9 trucks and a bull dozer and about 200 people. They destroyed 20 large trees and 200 small trees. TNO even loaded a large LCD TV, an IPS and some art work into his private car. Guests were asked to leave and within 2 minutes the demotion began. Parvez Murad, an actor who was staying at the resort was injured when he tried to talk to them and his mobile snatched away when he tried to take video footage.

Lately, people from all media started talking about the issue and a press conference was called on 28th July 2010 to keep the tourist spot alive.

One of witness mentioned on facebook that some locals (people from tourism sectors) said that the land was not properly legalized and there was a case. But most people didn’t think it as an attack on the whole tourism sector rather more personal. But, political involvement was there, as I think, it was not a news in any national daily today. But is it on the whole tourism sector itself(Though Mermaid Eco Resort has the highest face value)??

A media person showed his concerns stating that, “I think the AL high command is as surprised as us..but thats the biggest problem with the AL government..they dont have much control over their own student and regional wings..i personally think this is partly/mainly due to ‘sidelining’ of the old guards razzaq,tofail,amu,suronjit & co who virtually controlled the field level activities of AL.”

Interestingly, the government has announced 2011 as the “tourism year”!!!

Source: Facebook & unheardvoice


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