4 Types of invited guests at Wedding…

After attending 6 occassion in one fine chilly winter evening, what else do you expect me to write? It’s not happening because hundreds of people are getting married but because each of them actually inviting thousands of people. I don’t get the reason behind calling so many people at the marriage ceremony when it’s only the awesomeness of the stage, bride’s look and the food menu is all that people discuss on their way back home, unless you are anyone closely related to the bride or the groom. Then you would be more engaged to pose perfect in front of the camera than looking aside whether the bride is feeling good about taking the corrective shots.

There are 4 types of guests; relative, official, friends and potentials. By potentials, I don’t only mean my future boss or the rich guys with great investment power but I would like to include those “to be” boyfriends or girlfriends of the groom or bride’s siblings and friends. The latter mentioned guests within the 4 categories are super cautious about every move as their future mother-in-law is watching them with the hawk eye. They are probably as more cautious than the bride or the groom on stage. Believe me, I have seen guys who would experience all torments yet spend a huge time playing with his girlfriend’s little brother whereas more than the accumulated time that he spent playing with his girlfriend’s hair.

How about those hot shot officials or bosses who would arrive with a huge box of gift just to boost up his employees motivation to work, arguably to prove himself  “rich with gifts”. These people might just head up straight to the stage, take some snaps while their chuffeur carries the gift box to the table assigned for receiving gifts and tagging them with a circle “420”, Mr. Babar Hossain, Baridhara. The chauffeur would make sure they mention the designation of his boss on the gift registration copy.

Look at those digital photographers who can take corrective measures right away and take another snap if required unlike those days when one snap meant 1/36 costing 2000/36 equals to 55.55 taka. These days, wedding photography has become an art of rare angles, unexpected shots and post wedding manipulation. The good thing is, photographers can understand the nature of people’s perception within a few days right after the photos are posted on facebook. Every time you would write “Nice shot” on the comments, makes them eligible to charge higher in the upcoming season.

Notice the chauffeurs, they are having their own party, young ones would be shitting about their bosses and the older would be patronising their loyalty towards his profession. Whoever makes a better impression within the short time adda, actually gets more “khatirdari” at the dinner table. Least to mention, they would only sit in a flock and carefully would watching their bosses whether their face is showing any sign of leaving the venue soon. Two things make their adda livelier, beautiful girls and experiences gathered while serving duties for wedding cermonies. Let me share a secret; if you want to know about any guy or girl, just try to know who’s her chauffeur. Believe me, they can provide you with the rawest data.

Dancing on the stage is never so easy and it’s worst if you see the ‘beyaras’ looking at your female friend with an utter pervert look. It’s their democratic right and we can’t even do anything about it, they are also human being.

Put some observation on the other sides of the stage, surely will lots of interesting things happening around you. Share it with the world, it’s fun.


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