The other Arnob after Sahana !!!

OOPS!!! THIS IS NOT SAHANA but FARIHA KAMAL ELMA (The reason behind all those controversy…)

If you have missed the story, read it here:

Excerpt from the link:

Ornober ja kahini kalke shunlam taate bujhtesi WHAT A LIFE. I was genuinely shocked and I still am. From what I gathered he met the 16 yr old kid at some party and after giving her some suggestive signals she made her move. They started chatting..sending sms..talking on the phone and finally he started messing around with her behind Shahana’s back. Shahan found out, divorced him and left for her PhD in London. Tara duijon ekhon prokasshe prem kore berachhe. A friend of mine was actually performing at a concert alongside Ornob and he spotted him making out with that 16 yr old KID in Sheesha Lounge. Or pichoner seat-ei bosha chilo.

Shob purush rai ki fame/wealth pawar pore shobar aage bou-er shathe cheat kore with a comparatively younger woman??! Especially Bd’r gula?? Ajob. Sumon, James, Hasan…Humayun Ahmed…Habib..Allah jane aro koto ke ase…


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20 Responses to The other Arnob after Sahana !!!

  1. Fan says:


  2. Farista Alam says:

    dude she wasnt 16yrs old. She was 21yrs old. AND Sahana and Arnob had relationship problems LONG before he even met her. How do i knoW?? i know because i am sahana’s cousin. He simply didnt like Sahana anymore and she didnt like the lifestyle that he leaded. So they both broke up mutually. You make it sound like it was a bad thing :\

    • tabletmedia says:

      Thank you for the information. Due to some delay in the moderation, we could not approve your comment any earlier. We are looking forward to keep the blog running from now on with interesting contents that we miss on our daily newspapers. We hope everyone reads your comment. Let’s start thinking positive.

  3. Khalid says:

    Well why are always the Guys blamed? when the girls seem to glue around celebreties…..???? Ekhon Diabetic patienter shmanay mishtir dabba khulay rakhalay shei ki korbay? 😉

  4. abir says:

    @farista -that fariha kamal girl was 17 then. she is 20 now. get your facts right!

  5. Akhila Shaha says:

    there is something called “privacy” if u guys didn’t know. what’s it to you what Arnob does?!

    the “khath” author of this article should get a life!!! what kind of a language is this? is he by anyway related to the people he has talked about in this article?? i don’t think so! then who gives him the right to talk about them like that??

    i know there is something called “celeb gossip” but people should also respect others’ privacy! the fact that bullshit is being published like this is ridiculous!!
    they had problems of their own just like billions of other people do!

    i request the media to stop violating human rights and spreading rumors written in such filthy language!
    thank u farista for your comment

    in case any of you are wondering, i am Arnob’s sister!

  6. tabletmedia says:

    Thank you Akhila for you comments.

    It is obvious that every media has the freedom of speech and just followed the thumb rule. TabletMedia (TM) hopes that every media would follow the basic norms and justice but certainly am afraid magazines like cosmopolitan, people, T3, maxim would still sell the highest for their INSIDE SCOOP.

    TM would like to request fresh words from you about what actually took place and if you may quote Mr. Arnob alongwith. This will help us raise awareness that logical contents based on true facts should be published.

    Thank you.

    • Akhila Shaha says:

      I agree that magazines are selling a lot with these but why can’t it be something positive or productive?
      why would you even want to know what actually took place? its completely their personal matter which doesn’t seek attention!

      Enough has been written and discussed regarding this topic and I’d like to politely request you to stop interfering into other people’s private matters. Celeb gossip could be regarding anything else but these!

      Does ‘INSIDE SCOOP’ always mean rumors?

      “he met the 16 yr old kid at some party and after giving her some suggestive signals she made her move. They started chatting..sending sms..talking on the phone and finally he started messing around with her behind Shahana’s back. Shahan found out, divorced him and left for her PhD in London. Tara duijon ekhon prokasshe prem kore berachhe”

      what the hell is that all about? someone’s reputation should not be put on stake just like that, its a very wrong thing to do! even IF it was true, people should really mind their own business!

      I’d kindly request the media to stop publishing such stuff that can cause harm to other people’s reputation.

  7. Dubba Chowdhury says:

    they are not yet divorced, but yes, separated more than two years.. they are both trying to move on with their lives.

    if arnob-sahana’s music means anything to us.. then we should wish well for them.
    i wish they did not get a chance to see this and i hope fariha’s family doesnt read it.. how ridiculous of people to talk in such a manner and judging them without knowing the full story…. nd digging it out from past

    lets talk about his music.. that i’m really interested in HIS MUSIC..
    it his new album ” ROD BOLECHE HOBE”
    just got find some of his new tracks ..
    go to FB> search page ARNOB> you’ll get to hear 3 of his songs… he needs us there not here..

    oh!! rest can be here and keep bekar talking.. if his music is too heavy for them to even follow or to enjoy..
    then please GO AHEAD.. keep writing… open up your mind and show your true colors.
    i don’t have time for this..

    just cause i love n respect his music.. i wont judge him on his personal matters, no one should. The creator is the only one who has the right to judge people. we all mistakes.. but we should support them now to feel better.
    its a very mean and stupid idea to upload this thread.. the article was written more than a year back.. eto bekar ta ke bhai!!! ?? onek likhse !! abar eki kothar repetition hochhe.. surely dhaka suffers for not having good entertainments.

    thank you.. may be i should post the full 1 year old thread to bring mercy on to those souls.. who has started doing his.. digging up is a truly hard work..

    trust me there are more people with right minds and made nasty positive comments to those who loves talking about others.. and being ignorant about the crisis we live in and try to a little something to make it better.. not to damage.. there is still a lot left for us to do than arranging concerts and giving money for charity ..
    Do u know that arnob has never taken a single penny for touring all over the world organized by Drishtipath, for a whole month!! and neither for any charity shows!
    how amazing, i’ve not heard anything good he did or he has done so far as person..

    GO ahead guys find something like that, to contribute first..
    mistakes cant be over powered anyones goodness..
    we should not be encouraging this kind of harassment.

    • tonmoy says:

      @dubba: i can guess who you are as i know your dog’s name. apni onk valo bolchen. celebrity der nijosso somossa hote pare but bivinno media sosta khati pawar jonno jevabe ta prokash kore ta sotti lozzar. by the way: judge ornob by his music as he is a musician, not by his personal lifestyle

    • kajol says:

      ami bhai arnob ba shahabar kichui na, ami shudhumatro tader gunomughdho bhokto. i like 3 things about them:
      1. shanar lyrics…oshadhoaron!odbhut! opurbo! takes me to another world!
      2.arnober music….same here.
      3.amar oder duijon k ekshathe dekhtei bhalo lage…alada na..
      oder divorce hoyeche ki hoy nai janina…but jehetu ekhane oder bon r cousin duijon e ache tomra ki oder bolte paro na arekbar try korte? they r just made for each other..amar kache mone hoy..tarporo oder personal problem thaktei pare..manush to! tao… oder ekshathe ki bhishon bhalo lage!

    • foreveryoung says:

      ami apnake support kori ei byapare je eta sompurno tader personal byapar ba tai mone kori generally kintu ei ghotona ta besh shocking hobe jadi dujoner ar konodin collaborate na koren jeta hoyto hobe antoto agami koyek eder dujoner kaoke manasikbhabe khotigrosto kore ja korbei…but that’s life……perhaps this is the only separation that is not easy to accept for me personally……sahana keo divorce kora sambhab……but life is like that….sahana london gelen ph.d korte bhalo kintu uni album ber korben to…….nahole sotyi-i khub dukkho janok hobe…….ar oi darun collaboration gulo ar naholeo setao khub dukkhojanok ……… they were such a sweet couple….anyway we should respect individual choice……….

      • tabletmedia says:

        very true.

  8. Armeen Musa says:

    to the writer of this article: please get a life. I feel sad for you that you are so pathetic that you have nothing better to do than publicly write stuff about other people’s private lives. how would you like it if sahana, arnob or elma were your brothers/sisters or even your children? I hope someday God shows you some humanity and some manners.


    Armeen Musa

  9. ahnaf says:

    What’s the true?? Is they are only seperated?? Naki divorce hoye geche?? Please some one confirm..

  10. Nowrin says:

    where is this album u are talking about??

    “lets talk about his music.. that i’m really interested in HIS MUSIC..
    it his new album ” ROD BOLECHE HOBE”
    just got find some of his new tracks ..
    go to FB> search page ARNOB> you’ll get to hear 3 of his songs”

    i have been looking all over the internet for information about its releasing date… anyone has any clue??

  11. fake_Arnob says:

    Thnx for such an awesome article, had really fun reading it. There are some information lacking in this article.arnob wasnt making out wid tht girl on sheesha lounge. actually he was trying to sodomize her and as she was fucking high smoking weed, she coudnt resist.

    and the real problem between arnob and sahana was, Arnob never tried sodomizing sahana so sahana started complaing and they broke up eventually.

    HOW DO I KNW ALL DIS….??????????? Bcause i m fucking ARNOB…….

    Anyone can use anyname and say i m him or her…..but it doesnt really matter….everyone has their personal lyf…and we shouldnt be bothering…rather we should give dem sum privacy…..

    P.S. sorry i m not Arnob….and Sorry for da language… :p :d……….

    • tabletmedia says:


  12. Nikki says:

    Arnob is a play boy, once he also played with me !! Now i am 22 younger than even this bitch!!

    • tabletmedia says:

      are you in the world yet?

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