Another Brick in the Wall

by Nabila Rahman

As an avid music fan, I love anything to do with music. The other day, I was at a small “unplugged” session held at my school. On that particular day, I found myself more interested in the crowd than the music itself. You see, in a crowd, diversity is the key-different people, different faces!

What i found amusing that day was all the not known and misheard lyrics all around me. Its fun to be a part of the crowd in a music session. It’s uplifting and highly amusing! Ever heard what the person next to you is singing? They start off humming, not quite sure of the words. Then, sings loudly just as they get the hang of it. Some hits a high note only to scream out the wrong word. While some shrug it off and keeps singing the wrong words others get back to their humming tone. It is funny, really, if you can catch what they are saying. I mean, who wouldn’t smirk if the person next to them is saying, “we don’t need no education, we don’t need no birth control!”

Of course, someone who sees me smiling like a goof during a Pink Floyd song will question my mental well being but if only they knew. So, the next time, if you ever find yourself at a music concert, do keep a look out for misheard lyrics. You might be standing next to the next Weird Al Yankovic!


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