Mind MAP

by Fahima Ahmed Khan


Do u want to be more creative?

Do u want to save time?

Do u want to solve problems?

Do u want to realize why Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”?


Well then, welcome to the world of Brain and mind map. We all are an owner of a super duper computer and that’s not the computer with featuring  Intel’s latest microprocessor Core i’7; that’s our brain.


No school taught us neither how to operate correctly this super computer nor how to utilize this to make life better and easy! Can u imagine a library where all the books and notes, journals, cds, films, videos are not organized and simply dumpster in the middle of your library floor! When somebody comes into your library and ask for information on a specific topic; you shrug your shoulder and say:”It’s somewhere there in the pile, and hope you find it-good luck!”


This is the state of most of our minds! Want to change it? Well join the club and stay tuned to my writing. There lots more to come! Cheers.


About tabletmedia
Tablet Media Corp would be the first youth tabloid in Bangladesh to be launched soon. A bunch of young minds gathered to change the form of regular news. Join us today. Just send in a articles, stories or news to yrusending@gmail.com

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