It’s all in the ‘Digital Hair Cut’!

by Tanzin S Chowdhury

Now grab a slice of pizza and listen to this. I have dreamt of and talked about making a ‘Digital Bangladesh’ even before our government could possibly think about it. Happy the government is now, finally stepped forward inventing a time scheme which left the day light wondering and the electricity still missing. Yet! More than the government’s witty initiatives, it’s the common people’s ignorance which is killing me; no one is even interested in a Digital World here. So, getting the masses thinking is very vital; but what is the key? Simple! Just a short hair cut is all you need! All my past speeches and awareness campaigns about ethics, patriotism and digitalization failed miserably getting the people all ears. But, just a short haircut with pirate bangs looping over my forehead did the magic! Not only do people stare at me now but they actually even listen to my intense discussions in the process. People now consider my thoughts and ideas much more modern which they dryly tossed away before as scraps of sarcasm. So, I finally grabbed the attention or is it?! Whatever it is, my irrevocable journey towards digital Bangladesh proceeds through implanting realization in the peoples’ mind. So, if you want, come forward to join hands with me and think of ways to make Bangladesh all digital and improved; but before that all you need to do is get that right haircut – the Digital Hair Cut! Anything for Bangladesh – We love you.


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One Response to It’s all in the ‘Digital Hair Cut’!

  1. It reminds me the story of the Dress of Sheikh Saadi. (Remember that one? He was feeding his dress coz he was well entertained for his appearance). I would say that Presentation plays a very important part and guess u’ve already discovered it. To sell ur ideas to people u should be able to attract them, for let them listen to you.
    Aaaaand about ‘Digi Bang’ I doubt how many of our policy makers can operate a computer properly. So don’t blame it on them, its up to us. We have to make the change together. And together we can.
    Anything for Bangladesh.

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