Inconsistent Interest

by Anika Bhuiyan

My topic of interest is hard to decipher. Anything that has a zest of thrill and singularity in it, I am in. Right now, my interest lies in the variations of human psyche and its emotions. Human mind has captured my interest immensely because of its ability to ruin and beautify our lives within seconds. It can be beguiled by extreme emotions of anger and hatred while it can be mellowed by gentler emotions of love and affection. The seven deadly sins affect human mind the most. And the never ending conflict between mind and heart is actually something every person goes through. Those who listen to the heart are considered emotional while mind-followers are regarded as practical. As we walk the path of life, we have to take decisions that are the best for us. What fascinates me is the measure of contribution of human mind behind every decision. At times, those decisions are against our will. It captives me to see how herculean the impact of human mind is on our decisions. The dominance of mind against heart actually enamors me and what surprises me most is how much we sacrifice just to pacify and reconcile our mind. It is as though the human mind is a completely separate existence whose sole purpose is to manipulate our thoughts.


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