Family Ties

by Farhana Khan

Now what exactly is a family? The dictionary defines it in various ways e.g. a married couple with their children is a family, people related by blood is a family, all the descendants of a particular ancestral surname is a family etc. What does a family do? Provide food, shelter, clothes medicine and education; support each other in times of happiness and also depression and worries. But is it so in every family who are related by blood? We tend to think or pretend that it is the same for every family but pragmatically no. Not every family thinks or does alike. I know well that some of my dear readers might be mad at me for being so bold as to point out the pessimistic view of families in a collectivist, strong context culture as what is being followed in our country but dear readers please think from a neutral perspective by putting yourself into the shoes of what I am wearing now and then you will be able to understand what I am trying to mean.

When the Almighty created human beings he has bestowed upon them immense qualities: good or bad of which under the column of bad comes selfishness. Everyone loves himself first before anything else and considers himself first more than anything. We always talk about the sacrifices of parents, that of the elder siblings on how hard they work to keep the family in good shape but have we ever wondered how a father can an extramarital affair and leave his family with the other woman just for his own personal selfishness?

Have we ever wondered how the elder son can ignore his duties as a son and an elder brother to fulfill his ambitions by marrying a rich woman? Yes we have but we have tried from our own decent perspectives to overlook the faults of our family members and hide them as if we are at fault. This way we not only encouraged them to continue with their faults but became criminals ourselves by supporting the wrong.


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