Break the Taboo

by Numu Khan


“I am feeling down” or I don’t feel like to do it anymore” how often do you hear these kind of sentence? All of us obviously have to go through some hard time which could be hard to handle and quite upsetting.

Gradually we can deal with it somehow and move on from sadness but what about some of us who couldn’t return from the sadness or some other feeling for apparently no reason? Slowly they start to sink.

They withdraw themselves from the activities they enjoyed once; they withdraw themselves from society, from friends and family. Their family and friend tries to cheer them up and might get fed up cause it seems like of no use. They labeled the person weird, crazy or good for nothing or something else that could only help the depressed person to withdraw him or herself more. But trust me every depressed person looks for someone or something to get back to normal life. It’s something like you are prisoner in a glass cage. You can see everything but can not touch or feel it. What will you do in this situation? Exactly

Something like this happens to depressed people. It’s a disease, some chemical imbalance in brain.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We raise fund or do whatever we can for the friends who are physically sick. Should you just ignore your mentally challenged or depressed friend or relative cause you can’t see the open wound. I am telling you it is as bad as any grave physical injury. Just your care and understanding attitude can actually get some one back to life. Wake up and break the taboo about mental illness


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