“Astr@log?calLy Numb5reD “!” 1n d UniVerSe of SymB0l5”

by Sumaya Mahmud

250 words…only? I already lost 3. No 5. Let’s not count.. Let’s not limit my writing with such magical number restrictions…I am an amateur and I’ve always written for myself only. My first thought was, Difference…Change..i always wanted to make one.. No matter how small.. Don’t remember since when.. I wanted to reach out.. I wanted to touch lives. And ironically I did that n I suffered. I am young,20 is young. Still I feel I have experiences worth sharing.. which can help someone who is lost. Why? Because I was lost once.. I searched for my identity. I saw problems..all around me, within my family-friends, neighbors,in the streets, Back-biting and hypocrisy all around. I imbibed all of them.. To the last drop. I became a part of the problem. I learnt it the hard way. No regrets because it worked.

And then I found myself. I am no longer a lost soul. I know why I am here; at least I believe I know. My belief and my faith in my creator, me, my loved ones and well-wishers is all that matters. Let everyone laugh. They are laughing at their own weaknesses, maybe they are jealous they are not me; maybe afraid.. But who really cares?? Who has the time?? I DON’T.. I’ve wasted enough time on them. Now I want to do something good..to give something back to the place I was born in.. which is my identity. I am not ashamed of my background, skin tone or accent.

I am ME.I am a Bangladeshi, a Dhakaite, a familygirl, a Viqi, an IBAITE…I am PROUD of everything I am and have.. Would have been.. No matter where I belonged… Because I know there is a reason behind d master-planner’s actions. I am a homo sapien.The best creation on earth. Why won’t I be proud??

I’m not a hypocrite. Maybe I was once..I smiled and laughed for others. No longer.I’ve finally started acting like me.. “Love me..Love me not  …” your choice; but why will you hate me???

This is what an amateur does.. I went off topic. Let’s end it with numbers and astrology. I believe in these stuffs.. There are signs everywhere… in every number..in every person..in every tree.. in every street, every place.. Do you get that? I think I do! If you don’t, then I’d better not write about numbers.. Of 11’s, 22’s and 23’s.. Of Taureans and Aquarians.

3…5…8 does not matter to you..WHAT SIGNIFANCE DOES 4 HAVE??? You never wonder why it is only I..II..III..IV..V? What’s next?? VI?? Or another I added to V? If you did, then maybe you will find this writing interesting.. Otherwise it was just another write-up.Why should you read it?? You hate change. Who doesn’t???

“Be the difference you want to see in this world” – our prophet first said that. The phrase was different. Mahatma Gandhi said it again. It’s his saying now. So what?? These quotations are for everyone, who understands their meanings, who are not selfish, who really wants to see a difference?

Numbers and astrology are ASKED not to be studied.

Why try to be GOD? Be human..be humane.. that is good enough for one life



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