The Known Anonymous

by Nazia Haider

“Zzzzzzzzz… Zzzzzzzz…” the cell phone is vibrating from almost 10 minutes. However, Natasha is not receiving the call, ‘because the call is from an unknown number. This no. is disturbing her lot now days. When 7 days ago, Natasha received the call for the first time, the mail-voice on the other side o the phone, said in an annoyed voice, “Why did you pick up the call???? I was listening to your welcome tune.” Natasha became so stunned by this sort of unexpected conversation, that she cut the call at once, without saying anything in return. Nevertheless, the disturbance has not gone; rather it has been increasing at a cyclic rate. Along with the unwanted miss-calls & calls, now, there is a new addition of another trouble—“SMS”. Whenever Natasha reads those SMS, she astonishingly feels them so familiar to her, as if the person knows her for a very long time. However, since she heard the voice only for once & that also longed not more than a few seconds, so Natasha cannot recall the voice of that Anonymous person. Even in his SMS, the person has informed her that he is one of the DEAREST people to Natasha. Something WEIRD is happening, isn’t it???!!!!!

Nobel, Natasha’s younger brother, is the most brilliant & smart boy of his School. He has the combination of DUEL-Characters, i.e., when he is at home, he is the most humorous, sweet, cute, & adorable little brother that can be found in this planet. On the contrary, when he is at school or any other formal situation, he’s the most reserved, smart & responsible person existing in this universe. Therefore, it is a bit difficult for anyone, even who is close to him, to understand what is going inside his mind. However, now days, he is acting a bit fishy when he is at home. Although Natasha is Nobel’s 6 years older sister, but even then their relationship is just like the twin siblings. Whatever they do, they do by the consultant & agreement of both of them. But, Natasha has noticed that from a few days, Nobel, while being at home, does not bother her that much about anything as he used to do before. The change is so sudden that she has now become a bit worried about her little Bhaiya. Since it’s now his teen-age, that is why he is behaving like this—thought Natasha.


“Zzzzzzzzzz… ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz…” its 11:58pm, only 2 minutes away from Natasha’s Birthday. And to her extreme surprise, here comes the anonymous call again!!!! Natasha has decided that whatever may the consequence be, she will definitely scold that STUPID Mysterious person today. She will never let that SHADOWY person ruin her precious moments of her Birthday. 12:00am. “Zzzzzzzz…. Zzzzz”, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST BOOBOO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…” Natasha was soooooooooooooo thrilled, surprised- altogether when she heard the voice in the phone. It is NOBLE?!?!?!?!?!?!?! He is standing near the door of Natasha’s room holding the cell phone of Papa, having a witty smile in his face & wishing her stunned-thrilled-wide-opened-mouth sister a very happy Birthday.

So, at last the climax had the following explanations that Nobel had to describe from top to bottom to his sister:

By the Salami of last Eid, Nobel bought a mobile-sim-card, & he was planning to give his sister a bit weird but a very different kind of Birthday surprise. All this time, it was he, who has been calling & disturbing Natasha by using their father’s cell phone & the sim-card that he bought. In addition, he was acting so fishy so that his sister could not even suspect him to be that ANONYMOUS.

Well, this is what we call—our dearest beloved SIBLINGS… 🙂

*Bhaiya- is used to refer younger or elder brother

*Booboo- is used to refer sister

*Salami- Eid gifts, usually money.


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