The Courtship

by Minu Ahmed

I knew he was eyeing me.

Most definitely.

The glassy look in his eyes reflected more than just me.

I sighed. I looked around. The ambience was just excruciatingly exotic. The colours, the scents. The sense of having everything you need right at your feet.

Life was good. And so was he.

I batted my lids at him, and he batted them back. This unholy ritual continued until it was pretty obvious that it was driving us both to frenzy.

I put a foot forward. And so did he.

Soon I could feel my senses tingling as he edged closer. The glassy blue-black of his eyes staring at me once more.

My mouth quivered.

His hand reached for mine.

Closer, closer, and closer we came, and I could see myself a thousand times within his eyes and then –


The darkness cleared for a few seconds, and for those few moments the image I saw was engrained in my mind forever. Him lying on his back, his legs splayed, my arms broken, a thick goo erupting from my belly, and that glassy look disappearing from his eyes

A shadow hovered above us, and as life left me, a voice boomed out –

“Mom! Moooom! We’ve got flies in our house again! I just killed two who looked like they were having a good time on my burger, haha!”


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