Mean Girls !!!

by Shama Sania

You know what I hate? Girls! I know what you people are thinking. I, being a girl, am probably jealous of them. Buzz! Wrong answer! Nope, I am nowhere near being jealous of them. In fact, most boys don’t even know what I am talking about.

So, girls, visualize this. You probably know the feeling anyway. You walk into a class, you are new here. Feeling rather shy, excited even. You sit somewhere, and like every other human being, first thing you do is look around you.And guess what you notice first? No, it’s not the cute guy. It’s the bunch of girls staring at you like you’re a piece of shit.

Honestly, I am NOT making this up. And hell I’m not paranoid! No matter how you look, or dress, or behave. There are many girls out there who will hate you from the first sight. They don’t even know you. My question is why? Why do they do this? In few rare situations they get over it, or at least they pretend to.

Never mind, I really don’t get their weird psychology. What gives them right to unfairly judge people they just saw? What is this grudge they love to hold on to?


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