Let’s have control over our minds!!

Sometimes anger, grief, fear or even anxiety captivate us and lead us to a damn gloomy state. ‘Broke up with your partner? Someone left you alone?’ -These issues are pretty bad among us (we are the youngsters, right?). Obviously, we don’t want to get depressed, we don’t want to feel that way that pounds our heart out. So, why don’t we fight back? And hypnotism can show us a way out! We don’t have to hypnotize others; rather we need to hypnotize ourselves!

Well, first question, is it hard? Can we perform self-hypnosis? Hypnotism does not require someone to be the seventh son of a seventh son, or Svengali. You don’t need to have an “Evil eye” or even don’t need to be a wizard or sorcerer to “bewitch” people. The simplest thing is, it takes no special gifts to be a hypnotist. Acquiring the knack takes about as much effort and intelligence as, say, learning to drive a car.

The theory of self-hypnotism is far different from meditation or any mental therapy. Actually, man is endowed with dual mental organization is far from being new. That man is a trinity, made of a “body, soul and spirit”, was certified by many famous philosophers. Now in the prospect of Bangladesh, how it can be useful? Surely, some gamblers would try to perform hypnotism, knock out his opponents and run away with all that money! Or, say, Police or income tax officers will hypnotize public and make them ‘Bugs Bunny’! Yes, it can happen! But, when we fall into melancholy; we can’t even manage to get us to any physiatrist or counselor. And some of our schools, colleges and even universities don’t have any student counselor. In this unavoidable state, we have to defense ourselves from being depressed. Self-hypnosis will make us to control over our mind. We can be happy whenever we want to be happy. We can even control anger, anxiety and depression. There are some pretty cool books of self-hypnosis can be found in some bookstores in Dhaka (e.g. bookworm, etc.) or you can search through Amazon, Google or any e-book database. So, why can’t we be always like ‘say cheese!’ and posses over our minds!


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