Homosexuality – not a crime, it’s just natural !!!

by Tahera Ahsan

All of us have great love for love. We take immense joy in seeing two people fall in love with each other and indulge their love for each other. But what we necessarily assume when such a picture is painted to us is that it concerns two people from opposite sexes. Would the society feel the same joy if these two people were from the same sex, i.e. – were homosexuals? The answer is a clear-cut, sharp, unhesitant-NO! Thus the question arises, is romantic love only limited to members of the opposite sex? Can’t people of the same-sex fall in love with one another? Unfortunately in our society, they are not allowed to. But what we must realize is that just as homosexuals do not have the freedom to choose their sexuality, we, the society should not have the right to suppress them either.

In the world of today, where the number of people having sex outside of marriage and also with the same sex are on the rise, given this, should we not shift our focus on to more serious matters? Like the matter of spreading a deadly disease perhaps? Diseases like AIDS is caused not only by having homosexual sex but by having sex without protection, and the disease spreads because of having sexual relationships with multiple partner.

‘Practicing’ homosexuality is a sin in Islam, of that there is not doubt. Nonetheless, amongst all the sins that people choose to commit, can we really say that this is the worst? Some homosexuals are promiscuous and also do not practice safe sex, but we cannot generalize and say that all homosexuals are the same! If two homosexual men/women are in a monogamous relationship and practice safe sex, which means  that they are not spreading a deadly disease, then does it not reduce the numbers of ‘wrongs’ being committed? We are all usually quick to point out, that all sex outside marriage is wrong, but what we do not want to consider is that there may be degrees of ‘wrongness’. No one has the right to prosecute someone on the basis of their sexual orientation as this is something that comes to the person naturally, it’s only normal to speculate that just maybe it is not such an unnatural thing after all. Our society must in time give homosexuality the acceptance it deserves. We must start treating our fellow human beings as equals, not on the basis of what form of sexuality they prefer.


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