Dark temptation

by Samira Jamal

A girl went passed a shop. On the window display of the shop where a box of heart shape chocolate so tempting and irresistible. She knows it might cause her tooth to decay. So she has been avoiding that shop by taking another route. For her the whole dilemma of having it or not having it. As days passed by it seems no matter how she tries to ignore the thought of having it. At last she could not control her temptation. She went into the shop and found there were freshly melting chocolate. The smelling of smoothing chocolate. Molded into the shape of heart .she bought her share and went home. She ran toward her room locked herself in. Opened the box and had the chocolate.

It was so bitter; she finally started crying that she put so much effort on buying it. But the result was not at all satisfying.

The moral of the story is that ……….

Love is so tempting. No matter how we want to run away from love it runs after you. And finally when u realizes love it’s the most painful feeling one could bear alone.

I don’t know what happen to true love all I know its fade-in away. People love façade of love maybe that’s it.


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