The Goodbye Kiss (Kick)

by Aumio Srizan

The same old story again. The national football coach of Bangladesh is shown the backdoor. A bit softly said I guess, to say the least. Actually Edson Silva Dido was kicked out. Just one day after the Brazilian announced the 23 member squad for the SAF Games football team, he was sacked. Well, if look back in the history, this has been a “culture” and fate of the national football coaches in Bangladesh. Auto Fister, Andre Crucianni, Samir Shakir, George Kotan- all had their fair share of this “Bangladeshi” way of saying goodbye. But this time, the shameless nature of the BFF came out naked. All the slogan saying appointing “high profile” coach simply gone with the wind. The naive attitute of the BAFUFE President was very surprising. The communal pressure may be got to him. The helpless condition of the President shows the real picture of the Sports administration in Bangladesh.

Who’s the boss? The fedaration and the administration is the boss. This also qustioned the selection and appiontment procedure of the national coaches and how much power and autonomy they are given to select the team. In the world of football the coach or the manager is the “man”. He takes the decisions and choses the team no questions asked. That is why even selling David Beckham could not dethorne Sir Alex Ferguson. Coach-player clashes are not new but this time the outcome was surely new. This just adds to the comic nature of the BFF administration. After many years the football seemed  rejuvinating in Bangladesh. This goodbye kiss (kick) gifted to Dido will surely take us back to the past years, when football only existed in papers. Thumbs up to BFF…


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