Words Are All I Have…

Because of these words everyday you misbehave with your parents..


Can you imagine a world without words?? Suppose, you wake up one day and you see no one can talk, read, write. How would you feel if you cannot chat with your thousand facebook friends?? Cannot find anything when you google something?? Sounds terrible??  Horrific??  Well, I know, most of us can never even imagine the situation. We are so attached with “words.” Specially people like me who grew up reading story books, writing letters, listening to music and reading the lyric even before listening to a song. We love words. We love the meaning they own. These words make our life complete. But have you ever thought that these words can make our life hell too?? Because of these words everyday you misbehave with your parents, classmates- you misunderstand your friends, bf/gf, spouse. Because of these words you have a thousand enemies. Still, do you ever wish that these words would never have existed?? No, you don’t. Because you value your words, your life is beautiful because of them. So why can’t we use them precisely? Why can’t we understand if we are giving wrong words, we are giving wrong information to someone?? I think we all should understand the importance of using words properly. Nevertheless, it makes you smart when you use appropriate words in appropriate places. If we are good with words, we can avoid some unnecessary misunderstandings too. I am sure you don’t want to hurt someone you love because you cannot make him/her understand what you want to say actually. That never helps. So, be precise and you will witness a world you have never seen so stunning!!


About tabletmedia
Tablet Media Corp would be the first youth tabloid in Bangladesh to be launched soon. A bunch of young minds gathered to change the form of regular news. Join us today. Just send in a articles, stories or news to yrusending@gmail.com

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