What do you picture when you say “Bangladesh”?

by Max Vergil

Different countries create different images in our head when we hear their name. For instance, ‘Iraq’ makes us visualize war, ‘China’ makes us think of communism and its Great Wall, etc. However, as Bangladesh is not yet a well known country, it does not trigger anything specific in the minds of foreigners who don’t know about it. Sadly, those who do know about it, think about poverty, flood, terrorism, crime and corruption when they hear the name ‘Bangladesh’. But Bangladesh is not all bad- it has so many good things that holds the country together that people do not value or recognize. These are the things that should come to our and other people’s mind around the world when they hear the word ‘Bangladesh’.

One of the main things that the world should recognize as ‘Bangladesh’ is the hope that every average Bangladeshi has in his/her heart of a better tomorrow. This hope is what drives us, keeps us going through this living nightmare of everyday life. We carry on with our life and struggle for a better one only because we have the hope that someday our lives will be better. It’s our driving force. That is why the world should recognize ‘Bangladesh’ as a symbol of hope.

Bangladesh Flag

However, the main thing that the world should recognize as ‘Bangladesh’ is

the tireless, never ending spirit that the people of this country harbor. This spirit won us our mother tongue, it won us our freedom, and it will win us our rights. This spirit is what that keeps us dreaming of a better future, this is the thing that keeps our culture alive in our hearts against all adversities; this is

the thing that makes us ‘Bangali’. Therefore, if the world should recognize ‘Bangladesh’ as anything, it should recognize it as the evergreen, always burning, never dimming spirit that we cherish.


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