And they lived happily ever after…

by Afsana Zerin

Am sure every one of us has read at least one fairy tale in our life. Cinderella, rapunzel, sleeping beauty…ah…they fascinated us a lot!! Specially us, girls. I still remember when I used to read these fairy tales; I used to be so thrilled and fantasized. I always imagined me as a helpless princess and dreamed of a prince charming, who will rescue me!! Not only me, most of the girls have imagined stuffs like this. Seems funny, ha?? But what is alarming about this is, these stories influenced us so much that we mixed up reality with these fairy tales and we always believe some prince charming will surely come and take us to a world where an eternal happiness exists. And one day that prince charming comes. We feel so cheery. We feel like we are on the top of the world, like now the time has come when there will be no sorrows, no shadows, only happiness and sunshine. And when one day the prince charming is in stress, he is not perfect, we become upset. Suddenly, we do not know what to do. We become dumbfound.

The combination of two can make it perfect

Can you resemble this to your life?? And now, can you understand what these fairy tales has done to you? You know why can’t you think any further when there is any problem between you and your prince charming?? Because, fairy tales do not teach you that. In fairy tales, you only learnt how the prince charming saves you when you are in danger, never how you should save him when he is facing any problem. But darling, reality is a lot more different than the fairy tales.

We all are human here. We all have our times, both sad and happy. Your prince charming is no different than this. As you can have problems, your prince charming can have them too. We are no puppets or no fairy tale characters. Above all things, we are not perfect. What would be the beauty of life if we all were perfect?? This happily ever after thingy, isn’t it boring??

Look at the bright side, if you would have always lived happily, you would have never known that how content it feels when you can overcome some problem or help someone overcome it. Am I telling happily ever after never exists?? No, I am not. Of course it exists. But in a different way.

If you can always be with your prince charming, in his every status, if you really share a loving relation and understand each other in both joyful and distressful cases, then that is your happily ever after. Understand each other, feel the togetherness….and you will live happily ever after with your prince charming


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